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As a multi-skilled agency, Callie & Co Design is equipped to provide a range of creative and promotional services.

At the core of every brand is a logo, a symbol that represents who you are and what you stand for, while appealing appropriately to your target customer base. Callie & Co will question you in depth about your goals before creating an identity with a logo as the keystone around which your brand will grow.

Using coherent and consistent colour, icons, typography and patterns, Callie & Co can hand craft an identity that reflects who you are throughout all of your communication with your customers in a combination of:

Tactile business cards and brochures with clean layouts, beautiful paper and innovative printing that stand out from the crowd.
Delicious packaging to provide your product with a strong and clear presence.
Web designs that focus on functionality, easy navigation and strategic messages to reflect your brand and create business growth.
Targeted marketing campaigns combining social media, email, blog posts, web communication and printed promotion with focused strategy and measurable outcomes.

All of these services can be complemented and enhanced by in-house product photography, illustration in many styles and appropriate copywriting, planned and delivered with Callie & Co's meticulous attention to detail.